Building Green

Spates Fabricators and the wood truss industry were “Green” before green was cool.

Open web trusses by design use lumber very efficiently. The Wood Truss Council did a study of two identical 2,600 square foot houses. The conventionally framed house used 20,400 board feet of lumber compared to 15,100 of board feet for the house using components.

In addition to the inherent material efficiencies of trusses we reuse and recycle in the following ways.

  • Use of linear saws to optimize lumber usage
  • All scrap lumber is sent to a finger jointing facility and recycled into 92 ¼ “studs.
  • Sawdust and green waste is sent to a Biomass facility for composting.
  • Steel, cardboard and paper are sent to recycling centers.

Providing Superior Quality and Service to the building industry of Southern California.